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At Pinnacle Fitness, you don't just get training sessions, you get a PROGRAM that includes nutrition coaching and lifestyle modification support that is proven to work. We provide you the tools and in-depth information that allows you to rapidly attain your fitness goals.

Your Signature Program includes:

  • 2, 3 or 4 Semi-Private Personal Training sessions per week
  • 1-2 free upgrades to private sessions per month (depends on program selected)
  • Recovery and rest guidance - equally important to the work we do during your sessions!
  • Nutrition guidance & habit change support
  • Workshops on a variety of topics
  • Monthly progress assessments
  • Unlimited e-mail, phone support and communication with your trainers​

We educate you on body awareness and proper technique to maximize your results and your energy.

As a result our clients develop better posture and lower their chance for injury.
Interested in learning more about transforming your body AND your life?
Committed to helping our clients achieve their dreams
Get active and stay active with a program that fits today's busy lifestyles.
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Here's what a few clients shared
about their experiences...

“This is not a Testimonial..this is a Life Changer”

OK…I approached Nancy over a year ago bringing with me over 300 lbs and feeling not too good about myself. After a year I have lost weight—but more than that—gained strength, flexibility and endurance. I have also learned to eat better and smarter. For folks that skim over testimonials….DON’T! For those that are looking for a way to lose weight and gain more insight about themselves..Nancy is your Trainer. The one last piece of parting wisdom I’ll leave you with is not only have I gotten a Trainer I can trust and respect, but I have gotten a friend, no..a Good Friend (which is rare).
~Greg S.

"The best decision I've ever made in my life!"

Nancy Hildebrandt is someone who I trust completely with the personal training I have received from her. I started working with Nancy July 2011 and have had amazing results following her exercise plans and nutritional guidance. I have received TONS of compliments on how my body looks after hiring Nancy. She is fun and energetic! She makes working out something to look forward to. It's not all easy but she helps you get through the workouts and realize that you have potential if you just
reach for it! I would recommend Nancy in a heartbeat for personal
training, Zumba classes, etc. She is awesome!
~Debbie S.

"I have a newfound understanding of what a great workout feels like"

Having worked with Nancy as my personal trainer for several months,
I have a newfound understanding of what a great workout feels like and just how far I can push myself. Nancy took the time to assess my current physical abilities at our first session together, and with each subsequent session she began to challenge me with new exercises and techniques. No two workouts were alike in that Nancy introduced me to new equipment and a variety of ways to work the same muscle groups. All of my sessions with Nancy had a personal touch: she planned my workout in advance (based on where we left off in our previous sessions); she took the time to throughly explain and model exercises; and, most importantly, she always listened to how I was feeling.