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What is Ageless Fitness?

In a nutshell, Ageless Fitness is the difference between enjoying a physically active lifestyle well into old age or not.

Ageless Fitness is a fitness training program designed with your long-term health and longevity in mind. This program can help you restore your functional strength, power, balance and movement quality so you can do anything and everything you enjoy in life.....for as long as possible.

In other words, Ageless Fitness helps you enhance and sustain your functional abilities. Long term, this is the difference between independent living and assisted living.


Is Patty's Story Your Story?

Consider Patty whose doctor looks her over and says she is in good health for her age. But rushing off to the next patient, the doctor does not see Patty use her hands to help her rise from her chair (declining strength and balance). 

Patty knows walking is good for her but she does not get out to walk as much as before. That's because she has developed a fear of falling. Staying indoors where the floors are flat seems like the better thing to do. 

Some years ago, without thinking much about it, Patty sat down to get into her underwear. Before that first-time event, she got dressed standing up, stepping into her underwear one leg at a time. When she took that seat on that life-changing day, Patty did not realize she was compensating for her loss of strength and balance. She simply found an easier way to get dressed and went with the flow. 

Now feeling her aches and pains, Patty joins others her age in joking about "getting old." She uses phrases like "senior moments," "feeling my age" and "I'm too old for that." Without realizing it, Patty has come to believe the myths of aging apply to her; and that is very sad. It's sad because it doesn't have to be that way.

When she was born, Patty received her functional abilities on the "use it or lose it" plan. When she unknowingly started compensating for the functional decline that naturally occurs as we age, Patty opted into the "lose it" plan by default. Had she known that the "use it" (and keep it) plan was also available to her, things might have been different. 

But she did not know and the "lose it" plan continued unchecked. That plan is highly effective because it is self-reinforcing. The more function Patty lost, the more she compensated, and the more she compensated, the more function she lost. 


What Makes Ageless Fitness So Special?

What makes Ageless Fitness so special is our focus on the six domains of human function. We don't pronounce you healthy simply because you are not on medication and your BMI number is good. As Functional Aging Specialists, we think about your quality of life too. 

We think about the things you have to do (use the toilet, bathe, get dressed, etc.), want to do (drive, work, volunteer, get your own groceries, etc.) and love to do (travel, fish, play with your grandchildren, garden, golf, etc.). 

As Functional Aging Specialists, we are keenly aware of the fitness challenges mature adults face. We said above we can train you for results that dramatically impact how you live life on a day to day basis for years to come. Those are not just nice words on an online sales page. They're important. Read them again and think about what this can mean for you. 

Ageless Fitness is not a Silver Sneakers class or some "senior fitness" program written by a youngster who does not understand life after 50. Ageless Fitness is the real deal; developed by functional aging experts at the Functional Aging Institute. 

Don't opt into the "lose it" plan by default and let your functional abilities fade. Opt into the "use it" plan instead by enrolling in Ageless Fitness.

Our Functional Aging Training method can transform your life. And that, dear reader, is what makes Ageless Fitness so special!


Is Ageless Fitness Worth the Price?

Ageless Fitness is not free. It will cost you both the money you pay to train with our Functional Aging Specialists and the time required to be in the gym. For best results, you'll train with your group two or three times per week and partipate in other activities on your own a few more times each week.

Your price will vary depending on your needs and budget. In general, our Ageless clients pay $60-80 per week to participate. Because it takes time to improve your functional abilities, people enroll for 7 or 11 months. Those who enroll for 11 months receive one additional month free.

Only you can decide if Ageless Fitness is worth the price. The average price of an assisted living apartment in Lake County is $4,478 per month. If Ageless Fitness helped you avoid that, helped get you off some of your meds or helped you be hospitalized less, would it be worth the price? 

What would it be worth to you to run on the beach with your grandchildren or lift your newest grandchild overhead? What would it be worth to you if you were able to move more freely and with less pain than you do now?


What's it Like to Be an Ageless Fitness Member? 

The first thing to know is you're not alone. Ageless Fitness members train in small groups of two to eight people. Most of the people in your group will be at a fitness level similar to yours. Your group is lead by a Functional Aging Specialist who will modify the exercises to keep you both safe and challenged. 

Safety needs no explanation. It is our primary concern. Within safe parameters, we'll challenge you because if you don't move out of your fitness comfort zone, your body will not respond and your functional abilities will not improve. 

The technical term for this is "progressive overload." For as long as you are an Ageless Fitness participant, your Functional Aging Specialist will challenge you just enough to promote your ongoing progress.

The second thing to know is that if you are an Ageless Fitness participant, we consider you an athlete. After doing this for a while, you'll learn to enjoy the challenge. You'll come to understand that in Ageless Fitness you train just like athletes do. Like an athlete, you'll learn what to do from an expert coach, practice it again and again, and push yourself during practice to improve your results. 

This is why people report high satisfaction with their Ageless sessions. They're training with their friends and fellow athletes. They know their program is well researched and expertly coached. They feel good having put in their best efforts. And they see and feel positive results.