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About Pinnacle Fitness
Pinnacle Fitness is like no other facility in Lake County. We encompass all aspects of fitness and wellness from muscular strength to your heart, your nutritional habits, self-confidence and everything in between.

Our facility focuses on functional movement training. What does that mean? We train using dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells; we use ladder drills the way athletes do; we have you move the way you would in the real world. When you are squatting down to lift a box, there isn't a pad pressing against your back and a machine to guide you in the perfect motion. That's why we train you on how to do a perfect squat – without a machine guiding you. We focus on training in the way our bodies were meant to move.

Our mission is to help you REACH YOUR POTENTIAL.  While other fitness facilities may offer similar services, we truly care about YOUR GOALS & RESULTS.

Come discover the Pinnacle difference and Reach Your Potential!
Nancy Hildebrandt
Founder / Director
Nancy Hildebrandt was in the midst of a successful career in health and wellness management when her family was struck by a health crisis. In tending to her family’s needs, she uncovered a desire to work more directly with individuals, and so made the leap from the corporate world to the fitness industry. More than a decade later and having survived her own health crisis, Nancy utilizes her years of corporate and consulting experience to manage her fitness business with the same level of dedication, including a passion for helping individuals transform their lives both in and out of the fitness studio. Nancy is also a swing dance instructor and performer, and can often be seen dancing her way around the training floor.
Committed to helping our clients achieve their dreams
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Exercise should support the things you are really passionate about doing…for the rest of your life. Functional Fitness is a unique fitness methodology designed with long-term lifestyle needs in mind. In the end, it really comes down to helping you do the things you need to do, the stuff you enjoy doing, and those things you hope to do with greater ease, enjoyment, and less pain.

In "Stronger Than Ever", you’ll discover why “older adult” and “senior fitness” programs are simply not well designed and often rather dysfunctional with respect to the aging process. You’ll also discover our fitness programs are fun and don’t take a huge amount of time! Let’s be honest. You want a fitness program that is short, simple, and allows you to pursue life with more energy, strength, and passion.

Stronger Than Ever contains proven techniques to decrease pain, increase your strength, and improve your balance at any age or functional level.